Women support women in sustainable business

Updated: Mar 1

This post tells a story of one noble natural material that connects women from different parts of the world in an effort to make skincare more socially and environmentally conscious.

Women's Shea Butter Co-op in Ghana - Blanka Soap

Female-produced, raw, organic Shea Butter

To celebrate International Women's Day 2022, we thought we'd showcase one of our most inspirational suppliers, Jilima Co-op in Ghana. It includes 54 women of all ages, who work together to produce premium-quality organic Shea Butter.

Organising themselves in a co-op means the women receive employment-related safeguards and are able to speak with a stronger voice in order to obtain a fair price for their beautiful product. This is empowering for the women themselves, as well as their families, as a steady income allows their children to stay in education for longer.

The precious Shea Butter is pressed from hand-collected nuts of the shea tree and hand-churned, before it makes its way to us, also a women-owned business based in the United Kingdom. We then turn it into luxury soap and other skincare treats, including hand and lip balms. Our Magic Hand Balm, for example, is almost 20% Shea Butter