What is Waterless Skincare and Why Should You Try It?

Water is a ubiquitous cosmetic ingredient, and if you look at the ingredients of your favourite products, you'll notice that it's usually near the top of the list, indicating that water makes up the majority of the product. However, waterless beauty and skincare products have been gaining popularity in recent years; keep reading to find out why.

Best waterless beauty products
Water-free products can take many forms and serve many functions, but what they all have in common is the absence of H₂O in the formulation. There are several reasons why omitting this universal solvent makes sense and here are our favourite five.

1. Waterless beauty products are easier to package with no plastic

Trying to pursue a plastic-free lifestyle? Avoiding the use of water in your products may be the best option - solid products, such as soap bars, solid balms, or shampoos, do not require bottles and can be easily packaged in cardboard, or even bought 'naked' and unboxed, taking your eco-friendly efforts up a notch to the zero-waste zone. Way to go!