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We care for Carers

Updated: May 25, 2020

This year the World Health Day's theme is "Support nurses and midwives" and it couldn't be more fitting during the Coronavirus crisis.

Blanka Soap has been receiving some truly touching messages from our front-line heroes.

Clare Quigley, a 32-year-old Intensive Care Unit nurse at Southmead Hospital in Bristol said, “My friend Anna sent me these beautiful handmade soaps just before this whole crisis kicked off, I couldn’t imagine a better present now.”

Inspired, Blanka Soap have begun gifting soaps to nurses at Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton and Eastbourne District General Hospital. In addition, we've also sent more soaps to Clare's hospital in Bristol.

Above: The response from Brighton nurses on Instagram

Orlagh Gartland, a nurse at Royal Sussex said, "Thank you, they are so gorgeous!! So chuffed and feeling very loved!"

To support care workers in your local community, provide an NHS residence as the delivery address, and use the offer code CARE-FOR-CARERS at the checkout to receive free shipping and we will also double your gift with the same number of thank-you soaps.

Why is soap so important for preventing the spread of Coronavirus?

We enjoyed this video explaining the nanoscience behind the virus, and why a humble bar of soap is the most effective way of deactivating it.

Soap and detergents dissolve the fat membrane that is essential for Coronavirus to remain active. Disinfectants, wipes and gels all have a similar effect, but nothing is as effective as a thorough, 20-second wash with a bar of traditional soap.

Protecting dry hands at the time of constant washing

The impact of constant washing can leave hands feeling raw and sore.

Fortunately, all of Blanka soaps are cold-processed with a nurturing base of olive oil, coconut oil and shea butter, supported by glycerine, to soothe, soften and cleanse at once.

Take your pick of the natural, vegan ingredients you’d like to compliment your cleansing regime. Whether using Comfort zone’s colloidal oatmeal, ideal for softening overreactive skin; Peace and quiet’s soothing trio of lavender, bergamot and vetiver; or many more tender, bespoke formulas, all of our ingredients are kind to sensitive skin.


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