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Washing Hands Saves Lives - Here and in Tanzanian Schools

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

School child washing hands in Manyara, Tanzania

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has made it very clear that washing our hands is one of the most effective ways of keeping the malicious virus at bay. While here in the UK we may take the fact that hand-washing facilities are omnipresent for granted, it’s not the case all over the world. On top of that, in developing countries it’s not only Covid-19 that wreaks havoc; oftentimes simple-to-prevent ailments such as diarrhoea are even more widespread, causing more deaths, especially in children.

Mikono Salama (Safe Hands) is a project run by Livingstone Tanzania Trust (LTT) in the Manyara region of Tanzania. According to the charity, in February 2020 73% of primary schools in the region had no hand washing facilities and none of the schools had soap.

The project aims to improve the situation by installing simple multi-user hand-washing facilities at schools with a sustainable supply of locally made soap. LTT, who employ this as part of a holistic approach to poverty alleviation, works closely with the schools' management and teachers to deliver behaviour change training to the pupils. Student-led “WASH Clubs” are also set up to ensure the long-term sustainability of these efforts.

Blanka Soap donates £1 from each order to Livingstone Tanzania Trust

At Blanka Soap we are proud to support this project throughout 2022, for the second year running, by donating 1% of total sales on our website to the cause. We have selected this project as it is fitting that while offering a luxurious hand washing experience to our customers, we are also helping to bring about positive change to schoolchildren and their families in Tanzania.

To boost our support even further, we've created a special edition "Zanzi-bar" soap. 50p out of the sale of each one of these sweet-smelling bars, inspired by the beautiful Tanzanian island, will be added on top of our regular donations to LTT.

Zanzi-bar soap: 50p from each donated to build hand-washing facilities in Tanzania

The scent of the soap is inspired by the botanicals and spices native to Zanzibar, including lemongrass, cinnamon, and pink pepper, while the design of the bar represents droplets of clean water.

As always, we make the soaps using top-quality organic, zero-waste, and sustainably sourced ingredients and produce them in small batches in Brighton. (You can purchase the soap here.)

Christmas scented artisan soap UK

And for Christmas 2021, we've got another treat which is based on the Zanzi-bar soap described above, but is extra opulent and luxurious: the Christmas in Zanzibar soap. The design features glittery gold mica (a mineral and bio-degradable pigment) and jewel-like embeds, while the scent is adapted for the holidays by the addition of precious Bitter Almond aroma, which resembles marzipan. Take a peek! We still donate 50p for each one of these sold to Mikono Salama of course, so it's a really great little Christmas present for those who appreciate both luxury and ethical gifts.

Find out more about Livingstone Tanzania Trust and the projects they run on their website.


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