Blanka's Story

Updated: May 24, 2020

Hello, I’m Blanka, a soap maker from Brighton. I adore natural, artisan soap and anything to do with natural skincare.

This passion began by chance, over ten years ago, when I stumbled upon an independent maker’s shop in East London. Natural scents of essential oils, so superior to the synthetic ones we find in standard toiletries, stopped me in my tracks. The shopkeeper explained that the soaps I was intrigued by were very mild and often preferred by people with dry or sensitive skin. “That’s me”, I thought, and bought a few bars. When I used them at home I was astonished to see how well my skin responded. I’d been used to needing to apply body lotion after each shower but discovered that with these soaps my skin was soft and smooth on its own. The dryness and flaking I’d struggled with for years disappeared. And they smelled so good. I was hooked.

A self-confessed geek, I needed to understand more about this wondrous product and why it worked so well on my skin. I spent countless hours perusing both scientific journals and blog posts, I found a couple of books on traditional soap - I devoured anything I could find on the matter. I found out it was the naturally occurring byproduct of soap making, glycerine, that made these bars so moisturising. I learned that the ‘superfat’ phase in soap formulas (ie. the oversupply of oils in relation to the amount of alkali that they need to react with to form soap), was a technique responsible for the skin-conditioning magic. I realised that thanks to being anti-bacterial and self-preserving by nature, this type of soap didn’