Blanka soaps are the BEST gifts, whether a completely baby safe bar for new mums, or a unique, non-gendered Brighton Beach bar, they have a beautiful aesthetic, fragrance and pure-goodness formula. For myself I like to pick and mix them all!


An inspired independent company with total integrity too. 


Wow! These soaps will knock your socks off. First they are beautiful, and make great gifts. I have sensitive skin and the all natural ingredients mean that it does not irritate but really soothes whilst cleaning. The divine smells lingers; after you use it all you have in your head is the OutKast song " So fresh and so clean clean." 


I've always had trouble finding soaps that won't dry my skin, as many male orientated products don't concern themselves with skin sensitivity.  Since trying Blanka's soaps I've used nothing else. The natural fragrances are subtle and kind to the skin. These really are the best and all round nicest soaps I've ever used. Personal favourites are the sea salt, the poppy seed and the oatmeal soaps.


I absolutely love the BLANKA soaps, especially with my sensitive skin. The sea salt soap is my all-time favourite, and I always use the lavender ones when having a quiet pampering night! They really feel like a little bit of luxury.


Blanka's soaps are the best! Not only do they look great, smell gorgeous, are beautifully presented in a chic box - they have literally saved my skin after a severe allergic reaction to a different detergent -  my family only use Blanka soaps ever since; I even recommend it for the most delicate baby skin! 😍 


All of the BLANKA soaps are gorgeous! I have very sensitive skin and it's so nice to be able to use something that looks and smells beautiful AND is kind to my very fussy skin. The super stylish packaging and designs make great gifts too - honestly everyone I've given BLANKA soaps to has absolutely loved them. Cannot recommend enough.