Supporting WaterAid in fighting COVID-19

Hand washing is not only the most acclaimed activity of 2020, but also one close to the heart of any soap maker. So, on Global Hand-washing Day, 15 October 2020, we announced our support for WaterAid. We have decided to contribute £1 of each sale on this website to the charity. Why? Because access to clean water and sanitation is more important than ever.

While we might take a comfortable sink with hot running water and a pretty smelling soap for granted, it is could still be considered luxury to many millions of people around the world. According to WaterAid, 1 in 10 people in the world don't have clean water close to home and 2 out of 5 households lack adequate hand washing facilities. We all know that simply washing our hands with soap can deactivate Coronavirus, but it can also cut cases of diarrhoea almost in half, saving hundreds of lives every single day.

But promoting hygienic behaviour can be challenging because when you don’t have enough water to drink and cook with, let alone use for washing, you are forced to make a choice between what is essential and what is not. So hygiene promotion needs to be supported by enabling access to safe water and toilets. WaterAid has spent the past 38 years making clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene a normality for everyone, everywhere.

In 2020 WaterAid is working urgently to stop the spread of coronavirus, through safe water, sanitation, good hygiene and education. As the COVID-19 pandemic threatens our global community, they are working across 28 countries, to share the crucial hygiene messages we must all follow to keep each other safe from coronavirus, and to provide lasting access to water, sanitation and hygiene essentials.

As the pandemic continues to escalate, we need to do even more right now in countries with already fragile health systems, to protect as many of those most at risk as possible and prevent a humanitarian catastrophe.

Business charity donations are a lot more complicated than individual ones and most charities don't have enough resource to process donation documentation from small, independent businesses; it makes more sense for them to focus on large, corporate donors. This is why we have partnered with Work for Good, a platform which makes those smaller donations possible.

So, why not treat yourself to a nice artisan soap or two, and help WaterAid do their amazing work at the same time?

Thank you in advance!


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